Aspiting VFX Artist

Hey everyone! firstly, I have just discovered this website and am still trying to find my feet with where to look !

I’m blown away by the talent that you all have and it makes me insanely desperate to get to that level!

SO. treat me as a complete noob who uses maya to model, and unreal to create materials and particle systems. Where should I begin? I’ve followed the unreal particle system tutorials and that’s as far as my knowledge goes, I understand the basics of how it all works but I want to put every hour of every day into getting better! Could anyone possibly direct me towards some tutorials that may help me learn? Apologies if this is the incorrect place to post, as I said im still trying to find my way around these forums!
thankyou and keep inspiring! :smiley:


Hey man glad to see you are passionate! I am in the same boat as you im pretty new to this scene too and i have been soaking up everything i can!

Here are a couple of sources i have used to learn!

Most of what i have learned lately has come from messing around and trying to recreate effects from my favorite games. And our own @ShannonBerke and @Keyserito posts have been invaluable to me!


this channel looks great thankyou i’ll make sure I check this out tomorrow!!