Art Test : Darkness + lightning

Hello guys,

This is my first post here. So maybe I’m going to make a lot of mistakes with this first post but I really need feedback. I begin vfx in october and I made my first art test, but I can apply again so I have another chance to work on it and show them that I can improve myself more and more.
The specifications were : visual ref LoL, Top-Down view camera, fantasy, strong and readable shapes, saturated elements and high graphical impact.

What they told me and what I’m going to change obviously :

  • add a camera shake
  • lightning : the texture on the ground is more Holy than electric

So I want more feedback from all of you, here’s my art test

Thank you ! :smiley:

(I don’t know how to show the full video on my post, what a shame)
And I can show my art test.

i got a feeling that there was no reference involved when creating this effect, because you got a little bit of everything but no clear composition.

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Actually I’ve got so much references that everything melt in my mind. So I need to get a clear idea of what I’m going to do before begin my vfx? Because everytime I made my effects I change my mind and try differents things.

If you haven’t read it alrdy I recommend to look at LoL VFX styleguide:

Overall I think make the different parts sharp with blur on the sides, atm they’re mostly either completly blurry or sharp most of the time. That way you can always properly see the vfx, but it still keeps the more motion blur/glowy feel that LoL have.
And if you’re going for LoL style the outer area that indicates how far the effect reaches is pretty much always sharp, so you always know where the hitbox is.

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Hey Kitiss! This is defenitely a great start. I like the varaition in colors such as value and hue. The gameplay space of this spell is very clear as well.

There’s a couple things you can ask yourself when approaching this that may help define this spell even further. Firstly is making the elements blend. You have a lot of different elements that stick out from the overall effect, try to think “where is the source of magic for this given piece?” and do your best at combining them so they all feel part of the same spell. Motion, color, timing, these are all parts of that. Find that source of where the energy for any piece is coming from, and blend them together so they are seamless. My second thought is about getting a bit more shape/size variation in there. With any spell I’m making I look at any given shape and think, “how many times do I see this exact shape/size piece in my spell?”. Check out Jason Keysers video on shape, it’s super awesome and may help you out a bit!

Keep it up!

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I’ve already read the LoL VFX styleguide but I’ll read it again to understand more. Thank you for your comment it’s gonna help me. I’ll change my textures ! :smiley: Thank you so much !

Hey Petrie ! Thank you so much for your amazing comment. You explain it so well. I’ll change what you said, well I’ll try because it’s always more difficult to do it than say it. Are my shape too round? Is there too much rings? For the lightning effect I’ll make it with more rotation, and not straight.

I’ve already whatch those videos but I have a lot of dificulties to apply it. I understand everything he said, and this seems normal but I need more practice I think.

Thank you again, it’s gonna help me a lot!


I think you have a good start. I totally agree with what @NateLane said. Other then that I would like to see more depth in the textures. Right now they look like black and white textures multiplied against a vertex color. I think you could polish the effect a lot if you painted in more detail in the textures and that would also go along way in giving you the look your after.

If you need inspiration try looking at Shannon’s thread:

Good luck!


Hey !

Thank you for your feedback ! So I need to paint more detail in my textures right? Like more grey variations? Then it could be more transparent and more opaque.
Thanks for the link, it will help me. So much things to watch/read I like it !

Thank you very much Kopp!

@Kitiss You can paint details in the alpha, but I would add a painted diffuse as well :slight_smile:

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