Archer VFX tutorials

Hi guys, I started doing a series of archer VFX tutorials.
First tutorial here:

All the lessons are in Russian, but for each video I do subtitles. And this is the most boring for me.

I also post my demo on Patreon so you don’t need to work with animation and scripts. Just start making effect. You can download my scene for free:

You can use this demo, floor material, shaders, scripts and UI icons
MagicArrow_1 MagicArrow_2
in your commercial games or projects, all except content resale in pure form! If you are not subscribed to my Patreon page, you also need to mention my one social network in your game credits. For example, Twitter, Patreon, YouTube, Unity Connect.

I will update this post with the release of each new YouTube tutorial or VFX breakdown.

Fill free to ask questions in this post. Also I will be very happy if I see your effects :blush::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Currently I am working on this

And this

I think that you will not find a similar AoE effect anywhere, because I made it according to my sketch. But for second effect I use references from the Internet.


I have very hot arrow :fire::grin:



+1 new free icon for previous skill. I will add it to free demo-scene soon…
Also I remade green icon. I was bad in left lower corner.


Beautiful stuff Hovl! (as always) I’m personally a UE4 user primarily, but I do have to use Unity for work at times, so these tutos are extremely helpful for giving me a base in Unity VFX. Much appreciated!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I make my tutorials with standard render. But I made the same shaders in Shader Graph for URP and HDRP. Currently asset is pending preview. All all my shaders are FREE. Yes! ALL! FREE!
There you can find some useful things like double side soft edges, particle depth and others.
For example one thing that cost me a lot of time:

At first I tried to do this using Fresnel, but after spending a lot of time learning and various unsuccessful attempts, I did it. Soft corners can be seen in my last effect.

Please leave a review if you find or find something useful in my shaders. According to statistics, every hundredth writes a review, most often if he has any problems. And please, write me an email if you find some problems in my shaders.



My lightning shader (thanks to Ryan Zeng):

+1 new free icon for previous skill
Arrow_2 Arrow_2b Arrow_2c