Aran Anderson: TGT Competition WIP

I’m a bit late to the party but couldn’t resist joining in, my plan is to have a Tron / retro / pixel styled falling disintegration effect, then have it rebuild itself in a plexus / wireframe / triangulated effect.


Here’s my work in progress so far with the plexus effect:


Neat idea, looking forward to seeing more progress!

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Started some work on the base disintegration material.


Ahh very cool. Tron is such a great reference for this. Are you using 5919’s approach to the lines in that sphere?

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Yeah, quite new to PopcornFX and stumbled across their video on YouTube, didn’t realise there was a thread about it on RTVFX. Thanks @5919!

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Glad I can help Aran!
This is looking good so far! can’t wait to see the end results!

Pretty cool! :slight_smile:
Actually reminds me of an effect I made for our game Shift Happens (4min 5 sec):

It actually consists of two effects.The lab part is disintegrated and the new, low poly stage is assembled with the same speed to mask the transition.