Aran Anderson: Sketch #18 - Hologram


Final Update:




Original Post:


I hope to use this hologram sketch as a chance to play around with Niagara in UE4, and also to bring one of my girlfriend’s VFX concepts to life ( ).

So far i’ve got 2 emitters setup where i’m spawning the particles from:

  • Sphere emitter along the floor where the blue / purple particles will rise up with some curl noise to build up the Hologram.
  • Static mesh emitter for the skeleton that gets created by those particles and increase in density.


Very cool! excited to see how this comes together especially using Niagara

  • Added a cylinder location emitter for the purple / blue glows that increases it’s height over the emitter age.
  • Matched the mesh skeleton emitter’s particles location with the glows to increase with the height of the cylinder emitter.
  • Created a pixel / static material for the particles that ramps up and down to make it more distorted as it builds up.
  • 3 Rotating wireframe mesh rings that fade in overtime at the bottom.




Hey, cool! Looking forward for more. And UI hologram :smiley:

PS: I can’t comment on artstation, because I haven’t upload a portfolio yet. Please tell your girlfriend, I like the Hexagon punks concept! :slight_smile:

  • Added a cylinder glow beam with a pixel / static / distorted material that increases it’s height.
  • The mesh skeleton fades in behind the particles to add more depth.
  • Softened the gradient of the skeleton particles appearing in.
  • The wireframe mesh rings now scale in rather than pop in.



  • Cleaned up the transition of the skeleton build up.
  • Added some extra scan lines.
  • Created and animated DNA mesh.

  • Started working on creating some of the animated UI around the hologram.




Wish I had some more time to finish this up, but here’s the final version…

  • Created 2 more animated UI screens around the hologram.




Hey, cool end result. The animated UI is my favorite. :smiley: