AOE Magic spells Vol.1

Hi, my new VFX asset is already available in the Asset Store! The asset contains 10 complex AOE (Area of effect) game skills with sound FX.

Unity Asset Store URL: AOE Magic spells Vol.1 | Spells | Unity Asset Store
WebGL demo:

All effects are well optimized and work on all platforms. They can be easily re-sized, re-timed and re-colored.
Change color in 1 click:

Works with Lightweight Render Pipeline! But colors in LWRP may differ slightly from the standard RP.
The asset uses Post-Processing Stack by Unity Technologies.

I showed an explosion with four pictures, because quality is lost on the gif.



The colors in the 5th image are incredibly beautiful. :heart_eyes: Great job on all of them, very nice and very inspiring for a beginner like me!


I really like the lightning effect.
The ground cracks could have a bit more variety though. This is Unity right? You could have a sprite sheet with different ground cracks and have the particle system choose one at random.


Hi, maybe it would be better, but I don’t want to change anything anymore. Perhaps I will implement this in the next update.

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I’ve thought it all out and really, I can make some craters better :grinning:


New craters


And some new effects

Can anyone make out what is written with a symbol?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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