Anyone having trouble with Vimeo's video quality?

Hi everyone,

It’s come to my attention that whenever I post a video on Vimeo, the quality gets very bad. The auto setting always give off a very blurry image full of artifacts. Setting it to 720p or 1080p takes forever to load if it even loads at all.

It doesn’t seem to be the case on every videos they have though. So am I doing something wrong when I upload? I like Vimeo because I can update my videos and keep the same link which is perfect for a portfolio, but this issue is getting pretty annoying.

Have you used their recommended settings when exporting?

Also I don’t know if it has changed recently, but afaik it will play a low quality upload first since it’s still chewing on higher quality version. Make sure to give it a bit before assessing.

What are you using to export?

edit: your reel from 9 months ago looks clean. Do you see those same issues on that video?

I haven’t checked their recommended settings for any of the uploads I ever did. The video that I uploaded yesterday had really bad quality this morning, but this afternoon it’s playing super smoothly.

I guess it’s as you say and I just needed to let some time pass. I would have expected something better after my 8 hours of sleep last night though.

The original video was a .mkv from Open Broadcaster.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply, in the end there’s no problem!(?)

I never have issues with vimeo quality wise, always been reliable personally - I would guess that in may have been your .mkv file format, try h264 mp4 or mov or even wmv in future perhaps?

Perhaps takes it a while to convert from the mkv format to the whatever vimeo plays back using perhaps