Any good Ideas to Combine VFXs with Character Animations?

Hello, I’m relatively new to learning VFX, and I’m particularly interested in creating character VFXs. While I’ve successfully worked on projectile spells in the past, my ‘SpellCastSystem’ script feels quite cumbersome because of my limited familiarity with scripts. I currently use ‘Instantiate’ to create a method and add an event to my ‘Projectile’ animation.

Although it works decently, I encounter issues, such as the inability to easily change the spawn position due to the ‘Firepoint’ being bound to my wepen.

Additionally, I’m now exploring the creation of a blade slash effect and would like to incorporate a reflective light trail.
I’m curious to know how one would handle scripting for both the projectile and slash effects. Furthermore, I’m on the lookout for character attack animations and would greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations on where to find them. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

These are how my VFX works

and i wanna to create slash vfx like the picture down below,how can i script it.

Any reason you NEED to script it? For my previews I just use timeline. It can handle the character animation and the VFX scrubbing. The best part is it works outside of play mode so you don’t have to wait to make previews.

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