Any courses or tips for an artist begining in VFX for video games?


I’m a 3D animation student and I will be graduating soon ! In 3 years in University, I never had a VFX class for video games. Passionate, I’m currently learning by myself. I bought an amazing tutorial on Udemy by Gabriel Aguiar to learn some FX in Unity.

I want to find an internship this summer and I wanted to ask you guys if you knew some intensive online classes that I can follow to learn how to do VFX on Unity and/or Unreal.

I found a lot of very cool tuto of CGHOW in Youtube, but he never begin his tutos from scratch so it’s very hard for me because I’m a beginner.

An intensive course of one to 3 months will be perfect in English or French.

For those who mostly learned by themselves, where did you start?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and a happy new year to all of you !


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Oh ! That’s amazing. Thanks a lot, it’s very appreciated :smiley: But it will be better to have something in english or french to understand what i’m doing !

You can use subtitles, I make them myself :wink:


Oh nice ! I will check :smiley: Thanks a lot to do great tutos like that.

And I want to say 1 thing. Start with simple tutorials like “how to use vfx graph”, “how to use particle system”, “colors”, etc…
First try yourself and watch videos only if you don’t know something.
Because the most important thing for VFX artist is creative thinking. If you have seen a bunch of training videos, then you will gain experience, but this will negatively affect your imagination, for the most part from the appearance of stereotypes in design.


Thank you for your advice !!

I mostly look at tutorials to learn how to do the effects and then I try to do them by myself and modify them to get different effects. I just need to learn the basics in Unity and Unreal for shader and fx creation so I can create my own eventually.
For the moment i did 2 things: an energy body in Unreal and some sparks in Unity.
The goal is to get enough general knowloedge to obtain an FX intership.
I’m very pasionate and curious so I will do my best !