Antoine L Demo reel 2018

Hey every one !

I have been coming daily on this forum for months now, and since I recently graduated from a video game school (LISAA Paris), I wanted to share my work with you. I hope you will like it !
I had the opportunity to work at Ubisoft Paris for some months last year, allowing me to work on some FX for Ghost Recon Wildlands.
Beside Ghost Recon and Bauds, every aspects of the demoreel has been done by me.
If you need some more informations about my work, feel free to ask.
And of course, any feedbacks or advices you might have are very welcomed !

Bauds game


This is really incredible! A lot of great portfolio pieces in here. :slight_smile:
The only two issues I might address on your demo reel is the length & the target job. On one hand you want to show how versatile your skillset is in not just VFX, but also in environmental design, modeling, etc. In my experience, employers in the U.S. (at least) prefer specialists over generalists.

My suggestion would be to showcase your VFX work only and that should cut down the time of your video. The sweet spot is between 1m and 1:30 from my understanding, particularly for entry level positions. Hope that helps!

P.S. 1:34 was my favorite part of the video. Did you do the water on the camera too?

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Yes he did that too :smile:

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Hi Travis ! Huge thank for taking time to comment my work !
I totally agree with the two points you adressed. My goal was mainly to show all the work i did during the past year. And as I dont like showing FX without any context, I thought that showing some environment would be better, but it definitly lacks of focus on FX works.

For the screen rain effect, I first started doing a shader myself, but the lack of time to achieve something looking good enough, i had to use a tool (Rain Drop Effect 2) which gave me a pretty good result.

I had the great opportunity to talk about my work during an interview with 80lv.
It gives some more details about the LightHouse Diorama that you can see in my demoreel.