Сannot to start particle systems to run at the same time

Hello community, me needs your help. So, i have 3 PS’s which has an same life time + looping\prewarm options and they also located in the one prefab. Me trying to activate their simulation start togeter using Animator. Problem is - 2 PS’s with mobile\particle\additive always starts together but the 3 rd one always run before them (mobile\particle\alpha blended) and never together. Me checked everything and stiil not find the reason why. Never had a problems with animations before. Also put screenshots. Sorry for my English.
Here’s a video: https://recordit.co/s2URThBbkB + Screenshot: https://ibb.co/TB3jQzT
PS. Animations keys act on “Game Object Active” only and also there are 1 frame pause between start\end.


If you’re using the Legacy Particle System (shuriken) you can just insert an empty particle system as parent of all 3 PS, then every time you play the parent the children will follow.

If you’re using the VFX Graph just create an event with the same name for all 3 systems.

Hope it helps

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Thanks you for answer, I know about this method, tried it earlier and tested it just now on default particle systems - it works. But in my case, setting the delay to 1 second and increasing the duration time for 3rd PS helped me to solve this problem.

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