Ana Mauro: Sketch #57

This is the final effect:
final effect_

Video in better quality here:

I enjoyed the final result and how much I learned with this effect
Hope you like it. Feedback and comments are always welcome! :blush:


I started studying VFX recently (VFX Apprentice student here) and this is the first contest I’m taking part, I think it will be a good opportunity to challenge myself.
I made this concept in Procreate with a lot of help from my partner, who is a VFX artist. This is what I’m trying to achieve:

Concept Contest

I want to do a hit impact with the theme from Cardcaptor Sakura, so something with cherry blossoms and a lot of pink. The darker colors are meant to give a more aggressive feel to the effect, to create the idea of an attack. This is my inspiration board:

The artists I’m looking up to in this effect are Song Jian Cheng, Alex Redfish, and Sarah Menager.

Also, I’m using Unity with the Cinematic Studio (HDRP) template, because there are good post-processing settings as default.
Besides Unity, I’m using Substance Designer, because I don’t have an artistic background so I don’t feel confident in my drawings, even tough I try to sketch some stuff sometimes. For the contest, I decided to go with SD and I was happy I got this good looking petal using mostly shapes and blend nodes

These are the nodes I’m using and a little gif to show the steps of the flower


Well, I hope the effect I’m trying to do turns out pretty and on time! hahaha
The initial block in is here:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Hey welcome to the VFX Crowd. Wow, that procreate animatic is already absolutely beautiful :heartpulse:
Also nice progress in realtime!

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So cool, for a moment I thought your concept was already in-engine, very clean style!

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A little update: I’m working on the shader of the slash and added the flowers and color information. Some adjustments still need to be made, but I’ll polish the effect a little further down the road

Trail with flowers


Wow that animated concept looks fantastic! Curious what’s your background in art? You definitely got the aesthetics down which I think is way harder than the technical stuff in VFX!


Thanks so much! :blush:
I took a 2d animation course like 10 years ago and was always interested in art, but I used to work publishing books and creating book covers from time to time
My partner is a VFX artist and he encouraged me to give a shot to the VFX career and has been helping me a lot (especially with the shaders)
Coincidentally, I found your Youtube channel last week when I was looking for solutions for my shader: The five most used UV tricks for VFX artists! | Unreal Engine Quick Tips - YouTube
Thanks so much for spreading knowledge, it helped me have a better understanding of how UV works :smiley:


No way haha, glad the video helped!! (Also reminds me I need to stop procrastinating and make my next video lol) Cant wait to see your finished piece!!

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Another update:

The past few days I worked on the dissolve/erosion mask of the impact, timing, and overall shapes
I’m happy with what I have so far haha
There are two things I still want to include in the effect: a ground crack and the glow of the sword
Hopefully I can manage to finish it until friday :sparkles:


Final update:
final effect_

The video in better quality is in the first post
I plan on posting it to my Artstation and creating a break down on the next few days
Hope you like it :smiling_face:


I really love your use of shape and color ^^ It is really beautifull.
Good job there !

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this one turned out great, Ana. Good job :sunglasses:

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