Amplify Water Shader Foam

Hi this is my current progress

ive tried making a “foam” for shores and edges where the water would collide with buildings or rocks etc, but nothing i do works. im working in Amplify shader editor. And if someone knows what to do, thanks a lot for the help!

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It’s the same principle as shown in this tutorial by AnasEinea:

Even though it is made with shader graph I’m sure you can translate it to amplify. You use the scene depth to get the intersection with other objects

Tried it but dont know what the “1-x” node is any idea what it does?

It’s this one Unity Products:Amplify Shader Editor/One Minus - Amplify Creations Wiki

thank you so much for your help, appreciate it a lot

The Amplify Depth Fade Node does exactly what @Disturbed is trying to solve, out of the box.