Alpha blended in Unity with texture from Substance Designer

Hello,i want to use 2 PS - 1 with additive material and 1 with alpha blended. But i cant understand why i can not use glow texture with alpha blended. There is a “black haze” on the borders of the texture and I don’t know how to remove it. Please explain me how to prepare textures for Alpha Blended in Unity.


you can do this a few ways… but I assume this as the simplest for most people

A single PNG file from photoshop for both blend modes has to be authored with transparency, and no black in your RGB channels

note the fig below

  • there is no alpha channel
  • unity settings and what your RGB actually looks like when unchecked ‘alpha is transparency’;a pure white canvass

as you can see on the bottom example

  • the Alpha blend on the Left has no black and works with the blend mode as expected
  • the additive on the right works as expected
  • both will fade away with the transparency slider on your _Color tint

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I know that your way is correct for Photoshop, but I forgot to clarify that this is the solution for Substance Designer. I invite you to leave your comment as well as mine.

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