Allan McKay VFX mentorships?

Hi RTVFXers,
Was curious to see if anyone in the forum ever signed up for his courses. It’s more pre-rendered film VFX oriented but I feel that as the PC’s and console specs improve, all this training should carry over into real-time FX territory. Some amazing stuff shown in the student reels and I was contemplating signing up for it. It’s pricey but seems like it would be a good investment. Just wanted to get some testimonials from anyone that might signed up for it.


The mentorship is very film oriented and $1800 so I don’t know it I’d take the chance unless you really want to become a FXTD which it’s geared towards.

i singed up for the free version is going until to day…so maybe you can still join.

otherwise…allan have some free videos on his page.

Thanks for the answers Partikel, and Yunus! :+1: I’ll look more into his free courses to see if it’s right for me.