Alex Fedorov: Sketch #33

Latest version:

Hi! Decided to participate in this month sketch. The topic is so interesting =)

Here is a first super-rough prototype of an idea:
Because of material restrictions, I wanted to test if I can use Niagara particles to author the motion and then hook it up to skeletal meshes and get plastic and dynamic from bones and cloth simulations?
So it appears to be somehow possible and here is how it looks now:


  • TONS of motion polishing
  • Experiments with meshes
  • Actual texturing and work with photos

So cool, looking forward to your progress! :smiley:

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Didn’t have much time. Was thinking about different ideas for an attack spell. Decided to try an “angry tornado” option =)
Here is an update:

Still skeletal meshes with bone dynamic. Meshes are driven by particle system. Alpha on material is from taken photos. Textures will come next too.


Hiho, awesome effect! Would u mind telling me what bone dynamic means? ^^

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Ну ты как всегда впечатляешь, подобного эффекта я еще не видел, всегда интересно смотреть на что то новое, желаю победы на скетче)


@Hovl спасибо большое!)
@Vastir Sure! It means I have a skeletal mesh which is skinned to a number of bones. And I have additional setup where this bones behave in a physics-like manner. So I can set a position for a one root bone and the rest of the chain will follow smoothly after.

After a sketch I will make a complete breakdown of the effect. =)


Cool! What engine are you using, and how are you driving the bone positions with particles?

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Cheers, I am so psyched for this tutorial when you are done! :smiley:

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Thank you! I am using Unreal Engine. I have an array of objects and an array of particle positions. So I set object position to a corresponding particle every frame. And root bone position is initially set to be the same as object pivot so object position is the root bone position.

Nice! Is this Cascade or Niagara? How are you getting the array of particle positions?

It is Niagara. There are methods for getting emitter attributes in BP:


Probably the final version. With textures now!
I like stupid things so here it is:
Angry dirty laundry tornado ball. It will come for you if you are not a responsible adult. (I am not)

Now I will try to write breakdown in a couple of days.