Alex Fedorov: Sketch #20 WIP



This is fantastic, I love the drips and the embers and the smoke and evertyhting really


@simonschreibt @Urgaffel thank you very much! =)


it looks so sick man ! i’m curious to know how did you made the drips ?


Looking a lot more evil now!
Would it be worth cutting out his eyes with another circle for angry eyes?


For the angry face - yes. But I just like its scared eyes-wide-open look now =) But for True Evil purpose I agree that eyes could be like that cut shape.


good idea with the angry face, but personally i like how it is right now … it adds another level of story telling that this poor little guy is possessed, totally surprised by it and now looks for help. :smiley:


Still want to hug this poor little guy, something happend in the ruins. The drips and drips and the embers are great, good work! :fire::grinning:


I prepared breakdowns of main things in the effect. Hope it will be helpfull!

Effect parts decomposition:

How animated face was made:

How fire, smoke and drips were made:


poor smiliey!!! He is burning!! :disappointed_relieved: Awsoem work!


That’s pretty fantastic work. Bravo!


Hi Alex. I love this sketch, looks amazing. :smile:

EDIT: I was wondering why you used so many texture samplers, didn’t saw sketch topic. Anyway, as far I see this effect could be done without any texture samplers. Good shader to practice perf optimization. :wink:


Yes, you are absolutely right. =)
But I decided to stick to the sketch topic and see what could be done with textures specifically.