Advances in Realtime Rendering

Siggraph has become pretty great for talks about realtime everything:
The realtimerendering site has most of the slides up for most of the talks in the Advances in RealTimeRendering course since it was established.

Most of the talks aren’t actually about effects directly, but even in talks about temporal aa or deferred lighting you can find little gems of information that can solve questions and problems you didn’t even know you had. I recommend reading pretty much everything regardless of your technical ability. :slight_smile: This stuff is incredibly valuable and we are really lucky that the slides have been made available without a paywall.

Go to their site for everything:

Here are some links to recent years for the lazy:
Siggraph 2016
Siggraph 2015
Siggraph 2014
Siggraph 2013
Siggraph 2012


I’ve had a couple of guys that are coming through school ask about Siggraph papers and slides, nice to have these here!