About<battlerite>,how is it done?

Hello every one,I saw this effect in battlerite. But i’ve no idea to do this.

it dont like a simply dissolveshader?maybe it have a simply way,but i dont know how is it done,can somebody help me?

forgive my poor english:)


dissolve & curl noise UV distortion

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thanks,i m tried,but i dont know how to use “noise” in unity shaderforge,:sweat:

i think it maybe like this?

maybe not.:sweat:
sry,I can’t find the tutorial in youtube about noise,Could you explain it in more detail?thanks


You’re doing the right thing, you just need to use a scalar value, out the vertex alpha, or a custom particle parameter, to control how much distortion to use. The lerp is a way to go about it with the texture your using, just input in the base UVs as there other input.

its right?


Effectively, yes. They’re using a different distortion than you are though. Their’s is doing far more on the sides than your texture which is much more confined to the center of the UVs. I also can’t say for sure they’re using the alpha to drive the distortion, but it’s certainly the most straightforward way.

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thanks!It’s very like already!:grin:

Hey, I made that! :smiley: The shader is setup like this:

You can get lots of different results by changing the min/max dist. Smoothness changes how sharp the edge is.


I really can’t :heart_decoration: this thread enough. Thanks for sharing!!

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that was awesome! Thanks!

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Thanks a lot, brother. Solved the big problem that bothered me for a few days:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Thanks a lot for the share.:wink:

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Hi,What MainTex do you use?

This one. :slight_smile:



Hey Limeslushie and qwejinxiaozhe, how do you create your flowmap? I’ve been trying to figure out a way to hand-paint it so I can have more control.

Is the red halo part of your Flowmap Limeslushie? I know SF has preview issues sometimes but I wasn’t sure if that was intentional. Also, does the Min/Max distance control the distance of the texture from the center?

Hey colossaladvent, for my part I use the software called FlowMap Painter ( FlowMap Painter – teckArtist ) wich allow you to paint the direction you want, with the force you want !


Hey, I rendered it out from maya, I learned it from this series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic7OPLB5r8c
The red halo is just a preview issue. The Min/Max dist is distortion amount.


Hi everyone ) I did a little more complicated shader