Abolfazl Sayadi: Sketch #41

Hi, this is the first challenge I participate in.
Unreal Engine 4.26 - Houdini - SD - PS
inspired by: Wan qi, 1Mafx, Rimaye, Antonio Cappiello
Animation: by FrankClimax


first I add some electricity effects to the staff.

then I added some lightnings to the scene.

Hi again, I had little improvement, I used Houdini for ground destruction then import it into UE.
also, I decrease the lifetime of lightning strikes and add other FX elements.


Here I added a glow effect around the character, some sprites raise up from the ground, modified timing, and floating sparks after bolt impacts.


Love the new timing! It looks like it could be a spell in Diablo-esque game though I would not be using it much because I like playing squishy character that summons thing and just run around.

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Thanks, yeah I like diablo and Dota2 game FX so much, they amaze me a lot. but I tried to make something more realistic like Borderlands effects and this is a lightning strike effect.

Here is the final version of my entry for this challenge.
I learned a lot. I will share behind the scene and inspiration photos later on.
hope you like it.

the half-speed



Looks great !

Question: How did you export that rbd cache from houdini, through pivot painter, vertex anim or skeletal FBX ?

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Thanks, I used Houdini game labs, in output network using “rbd_to_fbx” node