A Unity stylized VFX

Inspired by NUNS4, maybe someone can give me more advice :smiley:


Really enjoy the motion on this with the rotation speed increasing as you get to the center! Would love to see a build up at the beginning to activate the effect itself. :slight_smile: Great stuff


thanks your advice!

GIF is too large, so I deleted some effect at the beginning. I’ll add it next time! :smiley:

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Wasn’t @qwejinxiaozhe asking about a similar effect? :slight_smile:

Definitely would be cool to see more of it, maybe the character itself is also charged in some way?

[quote=“AntonDessov, post:4, topic:2950”]
asking about a similar effect

very cool indeed @qwejinxiaozhe; youtube upload everything you got :slight_smile:

Well, I tried, but there was a error when I uploaded it, so I shouldn’t be able to upload it to Youtube:sweat_smile:

Really nice effect! I like your noise very much - does it takes too long for manage this kind of shape?

It’s just a simple dissolution effect that doesn’t take long time :smiley:

Can you share a knowledge of what to do to achieve that kind of “dissolution” effect?

yep,my pleasure.


Thank you very much!
How many meshes do you using in your effect?

only two, hemispheres and rings


It’s only one hemisphere and one ring on the final effect? Great! Thank you!

I mean, it uses two difference models, but the final effect is definitely more than that :smiley:

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I am wondering where you (and most vfx users on this forum) get their fractal textures? I feel like I am close to accomplishing something like what you were awesome enough to share but my fractal texture definitely looks poor compared to what I’m seeing in your effect. Any guidance would be super helpful.

Thank you.


I personally just purchased quite a few random texture packs and photoshop em into something that works :slight_smile:
Others use substance and other tools :slight_smile:


Filterforge is great for generating these kinds of noise/caustic textures:

Don’t worry too much about that “discount expires soon” they’ve had something like that on the page for like at least 5 years haha.

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I went down a rabbit hole based on your effect @qwejinxiaozhe lol. I still struggled a bit to understand the hemisphere shapes you were producing. Are you using the vertex color node on a painted hemisphere you created?

I am using amplify shader editor in Unity. Also, thank you @Luos_83 for your advice as well as your awesome tutorials, I followed some of your videos to achieve what I was able to start playing with below. The guys at Amplify helped me translate some of nodes from UE4 to amplify as well :grin:
Lastly thank you @AndreB for the advice, I started looking filterforge as well dipping my toes into Substance Designer. I gotta say after playing with shader for a while I am really digging sDesigner!


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On my shader forge the second “add node” can’t be linked to texture 2D …

all nodes are the same, why this appening?