A few questions about game engines

Hey there! I get 1000 questions every time I sit down to study VFX to the point that I get paranoid and I am afraid of getting annoying with basic questions on this forum. It’s a very overwhelming subject. :joy:

  1. Is a VFX artist expected to know every nook and cranny of Unreal and Unity or will the parts concerning particle systems suffice? For instance, when it comes to Unreal knowing Niagara inside out is a no-brainer, but what about knowing other parts like for instance Lumen, etc.?
  2. Pertaining Unity, it has particle systems and VFX graph. Is it necessary to know both? If not, which one is preferrable?
  3. I have noticed that when I don’t use a game engine for some time, I tend to forget how to use it, example not touching Unity for a month because I am focusing on Unreal. Does it happen to anyone or is it just me? It’s a bit frustrating.
  4. Is it necessary to learn Cascade at this point?

Thank you in advance for your time. :pray:


  1. You should be skilled in Particle systems and materials for the most part, being handy with the engine can be a plus but you don’t have to know lighting art or every tech inside.
  2. Kinda both, but it depends. VFX Graph still needs some improvements but it’s stable and used in more projects. Particle System is simple and very fast to work with (I’d even dare to say the fastest). There’re still limitations with VFX Graph on mobile so you are forced to use Particle System. But you don’t have to know both from the beggining.
  3. If you don’t work with something very often you’ll get rusty. But that doesn’t mean you forgot how to use it :wink:
  4. No
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Thank your very much. That was very helpful! :smiley: :pray:

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