A few more layout changes

Hey all,

A few of you have called out how disruptive the default thumbnails are for posts, so @mattorialist and I have decided to try this new layout - if you’re topic doesn’t require a visual aid, you’ll now see more of the excerpt from the text, and no ugly default image!

Please let me know if you see any issues with this new change - I’ve tried looking through most layouts/formats, but it’s likely I missed something. And just give me your thoughts in general!

Note - I definitely broke a few of the thumbnails in the process of making this switch - I’ve successfully rebaked most of them, but there are currently two broken image references on the main page that I’m still looking into - please ignore this ugliness.



It’s definately much better than before! :slight_smile:
I personally prefer a smaller layout for text posts, where i can quickly scan the headlines (and Thumbnails for visual posts, they are amazing). But that might be just me, maybe I just haven’t gotten used to all the text yet :+1:

I’m digging this layout much more. Straight to the content! Thank you!

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