A few more layout changes

Hey all,

A few of you have called out how disruptive the default thumbnails are for posts, so @mattorialist and I have decided to try this new layout - if you’re topic doesn’t require a visual aid, you’ll now see more of the excerpt from the text, and no ugly default image!

Please let me know if you see any issues with this new change - I’ve tried looking through most layouts/formats, but it’s likely I missed something. And just give me your thoughts in general!

Note - I definitely broke a few of the thumbnails in the process of making this switch - I’ve successfully rebaked most of them, but there are currently two broken image references on the main page that I’m still looking into - please ignore this ugliness.



It’s definately much better than before! :slight_smile:
I personally prefer a smaller layout for text posts, where i can quickly scan the headlines (and Thumbnails for visual posts, they are amazing). But that might be just me, maybe I just haven’t gotten used to all the text yet :+1:

I’m digging this layout much more. Straight to the content! Thank you!

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I didn’t want to create a new topic but I wanted to suggest two small things: Maybe it would be cool to add a Discord and a Wiki Link to the menu (next to general, resources, references, events?

Especially the wiki (https://realtimevfx.fandom.com/wiki/RealtimeVFX_Wiki) could need more love and it’s kind of hidden actually. Maybe, if it would be more visible, people would be more active in it and it could serve as big database for all the great things out there. In fact, maybe we could even replace the “resources” category with the wiki (of course after copying all content from “resources” into the wiki. I have the feeling that a resource list like this is actually better when it comes in form of a wiki.

What do you guys think?

The wiki is not related the forum. Before I created it there were discussions about expanding the forum wiki. I’m not a huge fan of discourse as a wiki platform so I set up the fandom one in the meantime. Technically the forum wiki still exists I believe.

Oh I thought it’s meant to be connnected. So, where is the Forum-Wiki? Or is the “resources”-Section meant to be a wiki? I like how the polycount people have created many sub-sections in their wiki but the vfx part is pretty thin :smiley: Not much was added in there. http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/Polycount

No I don’t think it was ever rolled out here on the forum. There were tests of allowing Wiki style posts, but I haven’t seen any outside the moderators area.

Hehe, yeah the polycount one never took off. I can’t recall if it was from the FB group days or the Tech-Artists.org days. Probably the latter. I was a mod at that forum at the time and was supposed to help modding the polycount fx wiki. There uh… never was any need.
As a group we are not much for sharing knowledge in Wikiformat.

Ah ok, thanks for the update. There is one here (https://www.notion.so/Real-Time-VFX-ef5dc3341bc64250b97693498af4ac0c) which has nice content but it’s sad that nobody can contribute.
Would be nicer to have 1 wiki where everyone can add stuff instead of several uncomplete wikis :smiley:
Anyway, thank you for the update about the state! :slight_smile:


A wiki is suuuper high on my dreams, but I fear that they might be a tad utopian without some better engineering support, or a scalable platform. I spent quite a bit of time exploring options for here within this site’s software, but the wiki features leave a lot to be desired, and I couldn’t find any success stories from other communities that were half-wiki and half-not (i.e. the UI doesn’t make it very clear / help reinforce the culture of shared responsibility for the wiki topics).

I’d looked around for a bit to see if there are other tools that we could self-host (and hopefully remove a bulk of the fees from), but came up short on any good path forward. In the end, this is a line item on my backlog for engineering support that I just have to keep dreaming about.