A effect demo video by Mika

My name is Mika. I’m A Game Effect Artist from China. Here is some works from 2014 to 2016. Hope to found some friends and do some communication. Yooh, love and peace!

Here is my ArtStation.


wow… all of those looks great to be honest… is this is your personal stuff or projects based?

Really sweet stuff! Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your work!

My personal stuff。:blush:

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Hi Mika!!! Great job with your VFX! I love how smoothly you implemented aftereffects into your game engine!! Your textures look super next level!!

Love them dude!! :heart_eyes:

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Wow! All of these look fantastic! Especially love those sphere explosions/tornado and the lazer at the end! :fire: Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank U guys liked my stuff!:relaxed:



This is cool stuff! Nice shapes, color, and timing!

God, that massive gun beam at the end… sooooo good!! Fantastic work!