2D Stylized Smoke FX Animation

Hi guys!

Lately I was practicing with smoke frame by frame animation, and yesterday I’ve done some stylized smoke FX, inspired by “Mulan” (1998) movie. It was pretty challenging to understand how it should behave, but I think I gain a lot of experience about lighting and volume of smoke FX.
Gotta practice more with that. :slight_smile:

Also guys, here’s my ArtStation page for more of my frame by frame animations: https://www.artstation.com/dmitrysarkisov



I’d love to see those in a real-time context, in a game like Battle Chasers! Do you have plans to integrate those in a game or something? :sparkles:

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Yeah, I know how to integrate every my FX in games, but currently I’m just trying to raise my frame by frame skills straight forward without spending time on trying to build something at home. But yeah, I could do that, it’s a good idea! I really would like to be FX Artist at Airship Syndicate. Battlechasers had crazy cool style with Alex Redfish FX’es.
Thanks for a pleasant feedback!

BTW dude I love your effects in TemTem, was playing it a week ago, they are so neat and stylish!

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Keep up the good work, those effects feel amazing to watch :blush:

And thank you for your kind words! Really glad you liked Temtem’s VFX hehehe

If you ever need anything, feel free to send me a direct message :gem:

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