2D Flame practice (2020 year)

Hello! Here’s my first 2020 flame animation, I feel like I’ve got more knowledge about 2D frame-by-frame flame behavior for 2018-2019 years.
My ArtStation for more animations: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EVn4oA

Hope you will enjoy this!
Made fully in Adobe Animate.


awesome! love the shapes.

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Lovely work, love the timing you have on the ignition of the flame and the smoke dissipation slowing down.


This looks great! I love the way it switches into smoke

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Same! That transition is so smooth it’s lovely… really loving the behaviour of the flame’s silhouette too !!

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I hate you … this is soo good. I love you. But also hate you a little. But only because I love the flame so much. :,)