2d animation “stylized fire” vfx

FIRE Stylized 2D animation. Was made just for realisation some of my ideas and for practice at same time. For made this one i used Adobe Animate soft as always.
Artstation page: https://www.artstation.com/ivanboyko80

F3 F4 F1


:sparkles::gem: Loving it @Ivan_Boyko! Awesome job as always. :fire:

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Glad you like it! Thanks a lot bro!!)

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SO hot! I love how you create unexpected motion of rotation in the shapes, giving it a magical yet believable feeling. I love it so so much!!!


Hey man! Thanks much for so kind words !)

Hey! great work here, are you using a previously animated spritesheet or this has been done with a shader? is it Unity?

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I would like to know as well!

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Thanks a lot! Its frame by frame drawing animation done in adobe animate soft with 30 fps )

Hey man! Its frame by frame animation, runs 30 fps. Fully done in Adobe Animate. No shaders )

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wow cool! nice drawing skill then :slight_smile:

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So sick! :fire: Animating in 30fps looks extra spicy

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Thanks a lot, bro !!

Very well done. I dig how each has their own style, but also share a unified look. Is this done in Adobe Animate?