2D Animation FXs and Characters for indie-game TERRORHYTHM

Hey guys! Wanna share with you another part of my work. Not so long ago i’ve finished working on indie-game TERRORHYTHM. It’s rhythm-beat-em-up action game where i working on FXs and characters animation.All animations was done in Adobe Animate and converted with GAF convertor to sprite sheets and then we’ve put all this stuff in the Unity.

It was my first prototype animation for this project i’ve done in Animate

And this is the second prototype animation. How you can see everything is completely changes

And this how the stuff looks right in the game.The situation is my vision of this game is totally different from the vision of the team with i work on it. Now it is rhythm-beat-em-up action game where you can download any audio track you like right in the game and mobs respawn and speed of the game will be generate upon BMP of a track


Nice animation. Love that 2D FX are becoming more common in games of recent years!

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I love it!, great work and amazing shape usage :smile:

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Thanks man! You know the stuff))

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Thanks a lot friend!!!

Wow… These FXs are looking sooo good ! Great work !

So i’ve got two questions :

Are the yellow trails coming off the destroyed bodies animated by hand, or are these trails calculated in engine ?

How many frames do you generally have on a basic “slash” fx ? It all feels really smooth, and I’ve counted like 10 frames on these, which seemed like a lot, but it would explain why this is so smooth. :thinking:

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Thanks so much friend!

All of this FXs was done in Adobe Animate and drawing frame by frame by hands. Also all of this animations was done with 30 frames per second. I was forced to put every state of character animation in 15 frames maximum. It was perfect solution to synchronise characters moves with BPM of an audio track. So because of this every slash fx has 15 frames length too))