2022 VFX Apprentice Reel

Here’s some of what our junior-and-senior apprentices have been up to in 2022:


I get emotional looking through the stunning work everyone in our community (both VFX Apprentice and Real-Time VFX) is doing. It’s exciting to see the accelerated career journeys y’all are on. This is an awesome time to be a Real-Time VFX artist.

Huge congrats on all that’s been accomplished. I have no doubt 2023 will be even greater!


Cool stuff! But hey man, you quit your dream job, and now folks are making dreams. I just want to congratulate you. You saw a need, had the skills to fulfill that need and made it happen, and brother I’m so happy for ya, truly.

Hope you and https://www.vfxapprentice.com have a fantastic 2023 and beyond! Cheers. :slight_smile:

yah, man! living the dream is what it’s all about. You have yourself a great 2023 as well.