2017 GDC Real Time VFX Meetup Day/Time Survey

Hey Gang,

This year, we’re downsizing a bit. Going back to the St. Regis Lobby Bar, as we have in previous years, with a limited open bar tab for the 2017 RTVFX GDC Meetup.

We can do this either Wed. or Thu. night. Lets hear from you, if one day is better than the other. Please fill out this Survey Monkey:


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No day is perfect for everyone. But the group has spoken. Thursday from 6 - 8 it is. We had 19 votes for Thu and 10 votes for Wed. Also, Wed. interferes with the Riot party. I’ll whip up a flyer soon and post all the details.

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Wish I was there, but everyone have a wonderful time!

Thanks to everyone for coming! It was really great to spend time with you all and talk shop!