Wyvery's Sketchbook



I’d have to agree, I guess I was to focussed on the distortion.


Haha that leaf is the default one from google XD


More explosions!


Working on some slashes, so I thought I’d try my hand at some hand painted water.


Bat slash, with animated meshes.

And some simpler slashes,
from left to right : Love, Electric, Blood and Fireworks


Bat slash is amazing! (Maybe try also flapping their wings on subUV/vertex texture anim?)




Please show the gif :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:




First attempt at makeing a kinda magic Ice spell.

Tbh, I’m not super happy with it, I feel the shapes and colours don’t really comunicate “ice” that well right now.



Hi, here is the refs for colors from Asset Store:


Ah, cool thanks dude! :smiley:
I’ve been looking through a lot of similar things.

I think I’m gona do a second try tomorrow or the day after with what I learned :smiley:


Love your sword slashes !
May I know where did you find the model/animation you’re using ? :slight_smile:


It’s aurora from epic’s paragon. All their assets are free on the asset store, so that helps if, like me, you’re not planning on making any or little money from what you are doing :smiley:


More slashes from the past few days


That fish slash tho :joy:

Keep it up!


Fish slash :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Tuna slash turned out great :thinking:


They are actually just bats in desguise :wink:


Do you do anything special in cascade for your colors to get those nice shades of color specifically your soulcoasters and projectiles?