Wriz - Learning Niagara Workbook - From the ground up

Hi All,

I have been super busy with work so have only been working in cascade. Finally got some time off so I am going to start transitioning from Cascade to Niagara. I know there is no shortcut for this process so I am going to put all of the tutorials I complete here as well as the result of just messing around.

If anyone else is doing the same feel free to post your results/resources here too!

First thing was to read the documentation and complete the quickstart tutorial. It was pretty decent at giving an overview of the UI and how things work. I have a habit of trying to run before I can walk so trying not to get ahead of myself.

Here is the link to the quickstart - Quick Start for Niagara Effects in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

There are a few smaller tutorials available under the mini-tutorial tag on this site!

Good luck on your quest

Already got em bookmarked! :stuck_out_tongue: gonna be rolling through them once I am through this basic stuff (thanks for making them!)

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So, went through the ribbon emitter quickstart (How to Create a Ribbon Effect in Niagara for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation)

Particularly excited about this part of the system, it looks like there are a lot more options in niagara when it comes to ribbons…

Ok so the Sprite tutorial… I ended up just mucking about with a bunch of stuff and familiarising myself with the UI some more…

I can’t work out how to set a rotation rate for a sprite… -_- this is seriously back to basics…

Ok, found the explanation about sprite rotation rate


Had a look at the GPU particle system… How to Create a GPU Sprite Effect in Niagara for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

I didn’t really stick to the tutorial as I ended up having fun playing with different combinations of forces,looks like it will be a fun system.


Started playing about with spawning particles from meshes… filtering out specific sockets/bones on a mesh is pretty cool, I found spawning particles from meshes in cascade a bit clumsy but this is fun to play around with.