Work Feedback

Hey guys,

The is my first time working with Unity and creating game based VFX. Was wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind giving me some feedback. Link is below.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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What if each spike pillar came in with a slight delay offset? Might create more movement instead of all spikes moving at once.

I would also try moving the spikes slowly down the way they came instead of scaling them all to a point.

Looking good dude! I love the way you’ve utilized your meshes and textures. I see you have most of your elements in place but like cannabis.cod3r said, you should work on your timing.

For starters, the ring that goes in right before the spikes come out, make it faster. Also try adding a flash texture and play with size over life. Will definitely give bit more of a punch to it.

Secondly, with the spikes try adding variation like he said would definitely make it look good. Look up the principle slow in slow out.

Next, try attaching your ribbons to your debris that goes flying out, so it looks like a trail instead of just random ribbons all over the place.

The ground decal, try adding a bit more brighter color as its pretty over shadowed by the other elements. Also increase its duration so it stays for a bit longer after the spikes have gone and then make it erode away using similar technique to Battlerite Erosion UE4

Hope this helps man! :slight_smile:

I made some slight adjustments. What do you guys think?

Thanks :slight_smile: