Withdrawn - IsDon: Embergen Challenge

Alright, I’ve spent a week thinking about it, and I’m in :slight_smile:

Now to actually get some time on my new PC and give Octane/Embergen a real workout.

I’m thinking of trying to use a toon shaded forest-environment with a blue shield effect defending from incoming sci-fi real-world looking assets, so a Red vs Blue effect, high military vs toon elven/forest magical defences.

Will see if I can complete in 2 weekends…

good luck to all, there’s already some amazing work in this thread.

Do remember that this is a real-time VFX challenge and that you need to use a game engine for the final result. Octane wouldn’t be a valid entry in this :slight_smile:

I was looking at using Octane in Unity to render out a cutscene using the Unity timelines - does it need to be a real time recording?

I do see your point though. I’ll take a look at other recording methods.

We discussed this in the past internally and figured you should use the unity renderer itself as the goal here is to be real-time, or potentially real-time. Potentially meaning some unity cinematic mode or something along those lines. Unreal for instance does have a cinematic mode where the cinematic might run at 5-10 FPS, but records in 60FPS, and that’s fine.

So life has gotten in the way - I’ll be unable to complete in time.

I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to experiment - I think the demo model of a 1 month or so experiment period is perfect, and I really love the software. I hope to be a licenced user in the next few months, and I’ve already mentioned it for future use with work.

Appreciate the software and everyone involved - keep up the great (and mind-blowing) work!

have a great day

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