WIP VFX Combo (Need Feedback)

Hello everyone! I was wondering what should I do to make this effect more dramatic… Any idea? Also I was working on my anticipation a lot in this project since my previous work was lacking a satisfying anticipation.

Here’s the WIP Effect:
HitimpactWPO (2)

I think there’s an issue with the visual communication here, it’s a charge-up, dash attack but there’s a big delay between the dash and hit. I think it’d be better if there was no delay between the end of the dash and the hit effect, from there experiment with having the hit effect spill out in more directions, also try adding more colour variation or a black duplicate layered underneath your effects as they look a little flat. But other than that this is a good idea and a great start.


I was trying to add more impact with that delay but it’s not suitable for Real-time VFX I suppose.

here’s the new version

HitimpactWPO (3)

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These 3 elements have different styles from the most deatailed to the least. Look how intricate those gradients are in the first trail especially comapred to the last gray element.

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Those trailsl would look more interesting with curled meshes. It’s not hard to curve a plane across a spline if you dont know how to do it yet (based on your comment in previuos post, I might be wrong).

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Logically it would be better “gathering energy trails” then “flower growing” and then “grey explosion”.
One of the main issues right now is that these acts are equal timing wise.
And yeah there are two frames of silence after “grey explosion” and motion.
It would be better to strat moving that pink ball slightly before grey element dissipates.


I’m Sorry for replying late :frowning: I was dealing with my final assignments. First of all, I really appreciate your feedback. I think they’re invaluable for someone whose beginner like me!

Power up trails were actually spines but I didn’t exaggerated much. Trails and flower was seems too rushed and short for this epic hit, so I lengthen my trail effect and give it a bit more breathing room. Also added a settle friction wind for the sphere.

Here’s the updated version:


Do you have an e-mail or Discord for me to share my progress if you don’t mind?