[WIP] [HELP] Fire Slash - Craving for Tips!

I started working on this Fire Slash after falling in love for Lucie’s slash (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ea8PrX)

Here is mine… :pleading_face:

I’m quite unhappy with 4 different things at the moment:

  1. Dissolve
    At first I thought of just letting it scroll away and hide itself, but then I thought of making it stop and dissolve in place…I thought it would look better, but it’s is still not the case :sweat_smile:

  2. The hard edge on the front, “cutting” the slash.
    I don’t know why it’s showing up.

  3. The black hard edge showing up all around the effect right after it starts. It’s more noticeable on the “tail”. I remember tweaking some stuff on my shader and it showed up. It’s probably easy to fix.

  4. The smoke. I think the current smoke texture doesn’t fit the fire texture - probably gonna paint a new one.

If you have any tips on how to make this effect look better in any way, please, drop you precious knowledge :star_struck:


Hi Sig,
I think it’s coming along well and the next steps you laid out sound good. I’m not sure how close you’re trying to replicate Lucie’s, but here’s a rough side by side that can give some insights.

One thing I noticed was that Lucie’s starts with a strong emissive and fades to black, while yours loses the black about halfway through and fades the emissive all throughout the effect.

Something else you might consider is how you fade out. Alpha erosion might give a more interesting look and feel then a regular fade. This thread has great info: What is your Alpha/Opacity Mask/Clip/Erode Animation workflow like? - #33 by Zihao_Feng

edit: “but he’s a rough side by side” to “but here’s a rough side by side”

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Hey, thanks for replying!

Man, I never thought that putting it side by side would help so much!

Do you really think her’s fades to black? I thought that, maybe, the yellow-orange parts just keep on scrolling and hides away + slowly having it’s opacity decreased, leaving only the smoke “tail” behind (black portion of the effect).

Oh yeah, I love Alpha Erosion! I confess I didn’t experiment a lot of Alpha Erosion on this effect.

PS: I got a little burnt out from this effect, decided to freshen up my eyes with something else, hence the late reply hehe.

hey Sig,

Transitions would have been a better word to use then fades, so sorry for the confusion.
The method you describe would work well.
I don’t use Unity and the text on the nodes for the shader is too small to read in the pictures, so I can’t say what Lucie’s exact method was.

There seems to be two meshes the color/fire one and under that one is the smoke one. It is timed so that the color one ends first revealing the smoke one. They’re shaped close enough to look like just one element.

One of the things I like about FX is there’s usually more then one way to achieve the same thing, so I was being vague so you would come up with your own method (and you did so my evil plan worked :upside_down_face: ), but I might be channeling too much Patton: “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their ingenuity.”