WIP - Boundless VFX

Some first stuff I am working on for Boundless, more or less WIP:

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Nice man! On a side note, boundless is looking super cool! I’m sitting here wondering how you guys setup those portals, that’s really awesome!

Anyhow, not sure how far along you are on some of these but I’ll give my thoughts ^^. I really love the shapes your using on the darker hammer pound. Really cool! The lighter one could use maybe another element to fill in space a bit, perhaps a small quick flash on initial contact. A similar note on the laser, it could use another element at the nozzle of the gun. Perhaps a bright glow around it (not sure if you just haven’t gotten to it yet haha).

Keep it up man! I’m looking forward to see more!

Yeah the game is looking pretty cool! effects are hard work though. The engine has a quite abandoned particle editor, but in some precious coder-time-windows I am getting some features hacked into the engine once i a while!

The white effect is just showing the tool has no effect on the ice, so you just get a fling, the brown one on the tree actually chips away quite a bit so you get more dust and splinters…

Will look into the initial white center flash though and I will have a look what I can do about the NOZZLE ( funny word :smiley: ), cheers mate!

some corrosive hit effect:

matching explosion: (excuse the camera wobble)

this is the underlying texture anim for the splashes: