Wijobu: Sketch #49 - Cliffside Falls

My submission for the real-time waterfall challenge. Made using Houdini and Unreal Engine.


Started by assembling a few Megascans assets in UE5.

Merged and downres’d the results in Houdini.

I used curves to draw each water stream, and swept some geometry over each curve.

The UV’s of each stream are normalized along their length, and velocities are painted onto the geo to prepare flowmaps.

Each stream’s UV’s are packed into a single 3x3 tile to bake all (9) streams into a single asset with a single flowmap.

The lake surface gets exported with a map to control the intensity of turbulence, as it fades off from the stream collisions.

I setup a quick FLIP fluid sim, and rendered the animation out to a spritesheet. The spritesheets for splashes and mist were used with UE5 Niagara systems.

Refractive foamy water shader.

Almost forgot! I made a very quick, very basic little procedural bridge tool.

Lot of cool things you put together there! I’m a fan of the thinner broken up waterfalls. Its tricky to use some of those sprites because they need to be tuned after the lighting is done, but overall great sketch.

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