What is the best way to learn Materials in UE4?

Good day, Realtime VFX!

The story is, I decided to change my profession and started to learn everything Youtube and Realtime VFX has to offer.

Unfortunately, already been done several effects and watched seems like 10 thousand videos on Youtube I realized that my knowledge in materials is quite limited and apart from some of the tutorials by Allan Willard I cannot find any information on how to do it right.

The questions is - is there a sophisticated course or set of tutorials where I can learn the way to create materials for the VFX, and is it essential to get a Junior position?

Really hope to get your answer.


There are a couple courses on materials in the official Online Learning platform that Unreal offers for free!

They’re gamified and well presented, so it should be easy to follow :star2:


Lush, thank you a lot for contributing into my development! Muchas gracias - hope you have a great day!

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No problem! Glad to help, I’ll be around :gem:

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Ben Cloward has some really nice tutorials, for beginners as well as advanced users. Most of them VFX related. Just start at number 1.


i’ve also done a series of tutorials on shader maths and cover materails from time to time on my channel


Thank you for contributing to my development! Your help is much appreciated. Really happy to get better every day!

Thank you, gotta check it out as well!

I’ve learn a lot with this Artstation Learning from Kurt Kupser! Hope it could help you as much as other tutorials already shared here!
Thanks you everyone for sharing by the way, will make sure to take a look! :wink:

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Thank you very much! It has been a lot of help to me.

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