Waul's sketchbook

Heya, I’m finally opening a sketchbook even though I don’t think I will have time/energy to post a lot here, but I wanted to try posting my wips somewhere so I’m not giving up on my new projects all the time :melting_face:

I have been starting making VFX less than a year or so ? I consider myself very beginner so feel free to give feedbacks because I really want to improve !
Here’s my artstation link if you’re interested to see my work! https://www.artstation.com/johannabirra
I’m currently working in an indie company as vfx / game artist intern so I’m also preparing my portfolio with the contents I made for them ! But here are some of (few) my personal works :sparkles:

First one I’m feeling a little bit confident posting, I’m trying to make a simple slash VFX with a kind of a sakura flower explosion effect in delay. I’m struggling to find resources to make a Slash from a mesh, but I found some and tried to add more to it !

I would have liked to add a torsu or a bended plane mesh maybe to add some volume, but I’m not very sure how to make the material look good on it. :confused:

Here are the references I have in mind for the effect !

and the wip video

Thanks for reading ! :sparkles: