Water UE4 WIP Critique

Hey guys,

My noob journey continues. I’ve been making this small body of water VFX and I’m wondering if I could get some feedback on it. Quite a challenging VFX to put together but I learned a lot from this. Unfortunately the blurring effect I put on my post processing volume when the camera goes under the water did not render out correctly. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this.?

Once again thanks for you time guys :slight_smile:

Added a few more details to this. Looking a little better I feel. Feedback always welcome :slight_smile:

The details in the left corner is what confuses me the most, for me it looks a bit like someone poured gasoline or something in water.

I removed those details. My intention was to try add more foamy type water details to the surface of the shader. Here’s an update. Hopefully it looks better.

How’d ya do the reflections on the rocks?

They are decals with a material applied which contains a couple of panning worley noise textures. Bit of cheat to get the effect but it works relatively well.

If you want foam I’d make it over the top first so it’s super clear that it’s foam. And then just make it less extreme until you get the result you want.

Not sure how much foam you want, but if you look at a picture like this it’s very distinct with clear edges etc.

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Thanks man, I’ll look into it :slight_smile: