Water Shader [Unity, URP, Amplify]

I was researching and learning how to create water shaders and came across a really cool tutorial by PolyToots, which uses 3D textures for wave height. I decided to go along with it and of course added my own spice, removed and added some nodes, got inspired by the Gladiator movie and the whole classical antiquity phase that I’m going through, and voilà! A scene is born!

A vfx breakdown and the whole shader node layout is available here.



Curious how you used Embergen to create the splashes! Good job :cherry_blossom:

Hey, thanks for the kind words. EmberGen has a preset called ‘096_GPUP_Water_Splash.ember’ which I worked with, I am pretty sure that it comes with EmberGen itself but if you can’t find it, it probably means that I downloaded it from their discord channel (I can definitely share if you would like to explore more). EmberGen is a godsend with their presets for sure! :grin:

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One thing I would point out, in the water splash texture sheet, it feels like there is a lot of empty space, I’d suggest trying to fit the splash a bit tighter to the edges so it would have more definition in the same space :sparkles:

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