Water Ball Explosion using Shader Graph


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nice work. i think some droplets could add more water feeling. here’s a nice 2d reference:

and i just LOVE this water ball:



yes and…

recommend erode from the centers like the animation.


process the erosion strength modified by fresnel for the power adjustability
apply erode through a matcap process so that it is always screen projected and author the texture greyscale as if it was stepping ‘frames’

the benefit imo of the matcap is you can use the R for stepping through the errosion frames, and G for ‘emissiveness’ to get the edges to be lighter or darker

is this clear?

good idea to use fresnel as base for the fade! a while ago i made a little article about how they used theorientation of the faces/normals to light the nice balloons in wow: World of Warcraft – Balloon | Simon schreibt.

this is basically the sameprinciple.

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True … thou I try to keep my tutorials to be on one thing (wither shader graph or particle system not both)
indeed the water ball looks nice I will check if I can make one

execuse my lack of knowledge … what do you mean by matcap, imo, R and G ?

It is a cheap wrapped image that always looks at the cam and is usually used to fake a reflection of the environment. But you can use the channels to do fun other calculations to your objects.

(Stepping through red for Alpha errosion and stepping through color brightness with green was the thought)


You read the pixel of the texture based on the normal of the pixels of your object. The more the pixel-normal points to the left, you read out a pixel on the left side of the image. The same depending if the normal points up, down or right. Really useful!


yes I simplified for the art

toon looks too - unity store

also @bgolus had a great calc for getting them to behave more with artist expectation