Vovosunt - TGT Competition WIP

I’ve been thinking about joining the competition for a while now and I’m still not sure if I’ll have the time to get anything finished but here we go!
Since a lot of people are going for more fantasy like look I want to try something more sci-fi, digital-transmutaion of sorts.
I’m not a vfx artist but I tend to mess with shaders a lot so here are some tests (made in kick.js ). All of them are procedural (3d/2d vertex/uv based with no additional maps, I’m using the gpu snoise provided in the editor).

Voxel-like disintegration/appearance:

Still in idea phase so just throwing things around and seeing if they strike a right spot.


Have to split the gifs due to image-count-block for new users.


Other tests/variations:


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Voxel-like disintegration looks awesom !

This is pretty cool!

Thanks for the kind words!
Didn’t really have much time to work on my submission so here’s what I managed to scramble together over the last couple of evenings. Still unhappy with the overall lookbut no time :frowning: . Working with Unity CG and not glsl turned out to be a nightmare in certain places but hey I’ve learned quite a bit :smiley: