Volsuung's VFX Sketch

First Flame


This is it!

My ‘Hello World’ of VFX! Spent days learning cascade and cinematic work just to get my first flame out like that. First work always sucks but it sucks even more to not start! Now, onto more failures! :slight_smile:


Greeeat job! Not a failure at all.

And just for fun, try adding heat haze distortion next time! Hahaha :fire:

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A LIT one bro, thanks! Definitely trying that on my next fire.

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Really nice for a first try! :slight_smile:

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Sketch #02: Some Splat

Based on this hand-drawn texture:

Gotta thank @JangaFX so much for putting out such a wonderful tutorial on making this effect (all starts from making the texture first, highly enjoyable!!). You can watch it here if you are interested.

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