Virtuos France Mid or Senior VFX artist for a new project

Hello ! I’m lead VFX at Virtuos Paris (Game Source Studio) and for a new project (really cool if you ask me :eyes:) we’re looking for a vfx artist.
We’re looking for someone with experience, senior will be perfect but mid is okay.
Contrat can be in full-time or freelance, and remote is possible.
What we’re looking is someone who has strong experience in Unreal, specially Niagara, but also who has some knowledges about destructions (can be on Houdini or Chaos).
Our art direction will realistic or semi realistic.

And to give you some context : Virtuos Paris is an outsourcing studio which is working with some big name of the industry. At Paris, we have a team of five VFX artists, working sometimes with others studios, but we’re specialized in VFX related gameplay : for example we did few VFX for Avenger’s, and we have a strong knowledge on Unreal, and all techniques related to VFX inside this engine: tool for Niagara, volumetric stuff, chaos destruction etc.

For any information and submit your portofolio, send a mail to
and for more informations : Virtuos France : photos, vidéos, recrutement (in french) and Virtuos Paris Studio - Virtuos (English)