Viper Poison Wall [Valorant Fan Art]

Hello, excited to be finally posting something of my own here, been browsing this sight for a while but never participated.

For practice I wanted to try and recreate Viper’s Poison Wall ability from Riot’s new game Valorant.


I mainly wanted to see if I could match the art style of Valorant. This was kind of tricky but I think I did an alright job at it. It was definitely a great learning experience. If you want to see a bit more detailed breakdown you can see it at my artstation here.

If anyone has any critique or tips on how they think I could make it better I’m open to suggestions.


I like how it’s starting to loook, you could try and create a 2D frame by frame version of the poison particles on the ground. That’s how they also do it in Valorant :slight_smile:
It’s also alot more blurred the bottom particles so the player focusses on the wall instead of the particles underneath.

This looks wicked! The eddies of smoke at the bottom have some really beautiful roiling detail to them

@SmearKees I don’t know about my 2D animation skills, but I’ll definitely take a look at trying it, and see if I can soften up the edges to try and get them to blend a bit better. Thanks for the feedback!