VinceWee : Sketch#9 WIP

Ayy here is my current progress on the waterfall. Next week I have to tackle a relocation and hopefully giving this one the final taste then.


Cool! I thought the video was a reference by looking at the still thumbnail.

That’s looking real good! Did you hand paint the textures or make them procedurally?

ayy thank you. most of it is handpainted, I will post some of them after I am finished with this one ! =) Aiming to work on it the next days and to secure the participation award o<:)

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Fantastic work, it really has that animation feel to it. My only suggestion is to add some UV distortion on them, or if you have some already, maybe bump it up.

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On the sides, near the bottom of the river, it looks as if water is coming from inside the rocks. To fix this, I would make the UVs a long strip with vertical sides. You’ll get some texture stretching (and a little bit is a good alternative to UV distortion in the material) and you’ll get a better sense of the flow adapting to the environment.

The waterfall itself is looking awesome!

I have done a lil more and hopefully the current UV distortino is working out correctly. On my list I have some more things for adding volume like foam on the sides ( then we can make a checkmark on the water floating into the rocks) , inner volume and thinking about a radial gradient :thinking:


You’re really nailing the style! I love it!


Last push so far

If I come up with better or fresh ideas, I will add them.

Edit: On monday I will spit out some textures I have created and used, if interested


Just fantastic,Can you make a tutorial about this stunning effect,We will learn a lot,Thanks for your times,