VFX Timelines tool

So, some of you might remember me as I created some posts regarding some tools I was developing for my university project. Yesterday I finally managed to publish one ofthose tools:



For those who don’t know what this tool does, it’s a unity tool that allows you to create timelines in which you have full control of multiple particle systems, edit said timelines from a custom editor and save them as assets. More details in the description of the asset, and the asset itself includes a complete user manual.

This is the final result of that project, the complete tool so far, but I plan to keep working on it adding new features, improving things and fixind any errors that might appear. Basically, I plan to support this asset in the future.

If you’re interested please take a look and purchase it if you see it useful! And if you have any suggestion or question regarding this tool tell me ^^

Thanks for your attention!


Hey Cesar,
This tool looks useful. Does it support audio? Example: play audio on same delay as the visual effects.

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I’m afraid that’s not a feature at the moment :frowning:

I’m getting different requests and suggestions on different features for the tool and I’m gonna try to implement new features that fit the tool in future updates. That’s why that sort of feedback is very welcome. I’ve tried to get as much feedback and suggestions as possible during developement but even then there’s more ideas and features I didn’t think about.

I made this tool as part of an university project, so this is the final version for that deadline, I know there’s a lot to add, and improve, and I’ll do so over time. Though it will take at least a month or two before I can start working on that as now I have to focus on the written part of the project.

So, final answer, no, the tool doesn’t currently support any sound capabilities but it’s something I can look into in future updates. I hope the tool is useful to you, if not now, in the future ^^


Mostly bugfixes and some small quality of life changes. See full changelog in the store page. Link in the post above.

Hi, this looks very interesting, would you have a video tutorial or feature review that would help better understand the tool?

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Currently I don’t have a trailer or a video showing the tool, it’s a pending task.
This asset is the result of an university project and now I have to write a huge essay on the whole project, and I’m really short on time so I’m currently unable to work on that. :frowning:

It’s obvious a video is needed to properly see and get a grasp on what the tool does and how it works, so I understand if don’t want to buy it without one. I’ll have more time towards the second half of September if all goes well, so I hope to have the videos for then. In the meanwhile I can answer any doubts you or others have about the asset.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to reply.
No problem I understand that making a proper video takes time.
I will let you know if I have any question and I might just buy the tool and try it out anyways.
Wish you all the best with your project!

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I’ve published a trailer for the asset and I’m currently working on a tutorial to show the tool and how it’s used, I’ll share it when it’s up too ^^


That looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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As promised, I’ve made a more detailed feature showcase so you can see what the tool does!

Hey, some news!

I’ve cut the price in half for the asset, so now it’s only 15$ (14.99$ to be exact). I thought maybe it was too steep a price, so I hope people are more interested in acquiring the asset now that it has proper trailers and an smaller cost.

If you’re interested, take a look and consider buying it. And please share it if you know other people who migh find it useful, it would be really helpful!

And about future updates:

I’ve been very busy, and still am, so new updates on the tool itself might take some time, unless someone finds some critical error or simething like this in which case I would release a fix as soon as possible. But in regards to new features and the like, it will have to wait for a bit, sorry about that. That said, I have a lot of things I want to improve and add, and when I get to it I might make something like a public trello so people can see what I have planned and how it’s all going. Will keep you updated here!