VFX Slow Freeze (ASK)

I dont know where to put this, so ill put it here sorry

im new to this world, and i was wondering some vfx that long time ago i want to try, but i never know whats the vfx name … its like theres bunch of people and then suddenly all the people are just freezing or in a super slowmo state but the center guy are in normal state …

Reference you can check on The greatest show man “This is Me” on 2:55 to 3:10

sorry if i asking this, but i need to figure it out how they did that, im really new to this world :slight_smile:

I’m really not sure I understand what you mean. From what I gather you’re trying give some actor slow mo and one actor normal yes? If so check out the time dilation.

im not sure either lol

the only thing i can get is this


check at 2:55 thats what i looking for

Multiple ways to do this dude.You could literally just animate it in the sequencer (way easier imho). Or if you play round with blueprints you may have to use the custom time dilation I mentioned above.

If I remember well @Partikel has a tutorial on pluralsight for a slow motion explosion. Not sure how he did it, maybe he can give some better insight.

Hi Willy!

For all the unity addict like myself, you can set a emitter to not scale with time, here is the doc page : Unity - Scripting API: ParticleSystem.Simulate

Ex : “particleSystem.Simulate(Time.unscaledDeltaTime, true, false);”

You can also just set all the movement and animation (not just Particle System) with this same trick, this allow to have the camera in unscaled time and the world in scaled time, this is good to showcase your effect in 3Dimension or to make some other cool stuff.

olright sir, im checking it up now

ah i see, somehow i get the point … will check the link man…